Global Predisposition Indicator (GPI™)

Global Predisposition Indicator (GPI™) is a measure of behavioural preferences, the ‘real you’. Rather than measuring how an individual actually behaves, GPI™ measures how an individual prefers to behave. GPI™ makes the distinction between personality and behaviour explicit. In this respect it does not confuse the two concepts.

Blue4 Engagement Style Indicator (ESI)

‘Blue 4’ is a behavioural style of leadership that our research and practical activities with leaders around the world has shown to be incontrovertibly associated with outstanding performance as a leader. This style of leadership represents behaviour that combines setting direction with being concerned about people, be they those working for the organisation, its suppliers, customers or business partners.

Glowinkowski™ Integrated Framework

All components of the framework point towards performance; they do so through Organisational Climate. For any organisation to improve its performance, it must first improve its Organisational Climate, which concerns ‘how it feels’ to work there.