The Glowinkowski™ Integrated Framework sits at the heart of everything we do in our work at Glowinkowski International. All components of the framework point towards performance; they do so through Organisational Climate. For any organisation to improve its performance, it must first improve its Organisational Climate, which concerns ‘how it feels’ to work there. Climate, therefore, is entirely people focused. Climate is created by three separate yet interdependent ‘change levers’, which together comprise the leadership dynamic that represents the organisation’s ‘culture’. Culture concerns ‘how things are done’ in an organisation. Climate is an outcome of culture. The three change levers are:

  • Structure and Job Design: this concerns the design of the organisation, i.e. how it is assembled, coupled with the manner in which jobs are created and defined within that structure.
  • Leadership Behaviour: this concerns the way leaders behave.
  • Team processes: this concerns the mission critical processes that must be undertaken in all organisations, e.g. planning, communication, decision making, development.

The framework is the central model upon which all of our consulting practices are founded. All of the component elements of our toolkit complement each other to produce a soundly integrated ‘leadership development curriculum’. For any effective change to occur, a fundamental precondition is to know the starting point of that change journey. All too often, effort is expended in defining the ‘end goal’, or destination, but too little is spent determining precisely the point of origin. All components of the Integrated Framework can be measured to provide that critical and necessary ‘map reference’. Once obtained and understood, any change programme can be initiated with greater certainty that activity is aimed in the correct direction and the aspired uplift in performance can be achieved.